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Getting settled in Singapore!

The first weeks in Singapore have flown by so far.

Emil and I arrived in mid-January for an introduction week that was packed with workshops and social activites to get to know our new classmates. One of the activites was a treasure hunt across Singapore. However, when it rains in Singapore it is like an actual hot shower so most of us took refuge in bars across the before gathering with the rest at Lao Pa Sat, a large food court on a street. We also got to do some of the mandatory tourist activities such as seeing the Mer-Lion and the light show in the Gardens by Marina Bay.

By the end of the week it felt like we had gotten a good overview of the city but the best part of the introduction was the chance to meet so many friendly and open people. I was not the only one who had no connections in Singapore so it was a relief to find new friends that made me feel less lonely on the other side of the world. The class is incredibly international with a mix of full time and CEMS students coming from all over the world. It has been a long time since I was in such a mixed environment and I am definitely enjoying every minute of it! Exactly what I was hoping to experience through the K-A Bonnier International Fellowship.

After the introdcution week we had a pretty soft start with our classes since the first two weeks were dedicated to trying things out and deciding which classes you wanted to take. NUS gives you the chance to tailor your curriculum how you want so I’ve taken the opportunity to really pick the schedule that best suits me. The pace has picked up a bit since then but there is still plenty of time to travel, socialize and just enjoy being in this new environment.

Emil and I are heading to Borneo with some of our classmates for recess week in a few days, so stayed tuned for more updates on our experiences here!



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