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Sommar i Stockholm!

Long time no see! After a 14-hour flight with 2-hour transit, I am back in Stockholm with beautiful sunshine and blooms, which is so different from the time when I left in December. I’m happy to be back!

Today is the first day of my 10-week internship and it is exciting. Everyone is so friendly and super smart, it is a good type of pressure and I look forward to applying my knowledge and skill during this time. The courses that I have taken at Stockholm School of Economics and National University of Singapore are extremely helpful for me to quickly understand the discussions during meetings and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from real-life examples during the semester, which I believe is the best way to learn. 

It was not an easy journey, to say goodbyes (once again!) to new friends made at NUS and to embark on a new journey. As you may know, finding an internship and accommodation in Stockholm are not a walk in the park, especially when NUS’s summer break is about a month earlier than the break at SSE. This means that most of the internships and students’ accommodations in Stockholm are available from the beginning of June and onwards, while we finish our study at NUS at around beginning of May. That being said, it is not impossible once you put your heart and mind into it. Thanks to the K-A Bonnier Foundations, Anna (at SSE), my friends and company connections in Stockholm, it was possible for me. I’ve moved in my new room two days ago after a few viewings. My host is a writer and had travelled to Asia for several times, which creates a special connection for me and I really enjoy the company of our last “flat mate”, a 14-year-old cat. Summer in Stockholm is different than the summer I got used to in Vietnam and in Singapore. A jacket is needed in the summer because the temperature at night is around 6 to 10 degree Celsius, in contrast to 23 degrees in the afternoon. During lunch time or weekends, you could easily spot many people enjoying their lunch or a break in many beautiful parks in Stockholm and I really love that vibe! 

It is also wonderful to meet our classmates at MBM again and hear all the adventures they have been to during the past 5 months. Sometimes we could not believe that one year has already passed away, how the time flies! That reminds me to put more effort and make the most out of my remaining one year in school. I can’t wait to hear about my fellow K-A Bonner fellows as they are doing awesome internships in Singapore and hope you all stay tuned for more updates from us.



The Sun set at 10pm in the evening and that means longer time for outdoor activity, yay!

I enjoy all the blooms in Stockholm but I know some of my friends, who are allergic to pollens don’t, so be extra careful by checking the weather for high pollen-count day and consult medical professionals for the best preventions.



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