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Greetings from Singapore!

Hello friends, hope you are having a wonderful time! Greetings from Singapore and I hope you would not mind the belated post on the blog. 

Today is the last day of the Lunar Year of Rooster and tomorrow will be the first day of the Spring Festival, celebrating the start of a new year. Across all the corner here we could see decorations with the theme of happiness, good fortune, longevity and wealth. 

It is a good time for me to reflect on the past year and share with you my hope for the year to come. 

The best decision that I made the last year is to join the Karl-Adam Bonnier International Fellowship program and step out of my comfort zone. There are many beautiful memories that I hold dearly and many lessons that benefit my personal and professional development from the time in Stockholm. They are the convictions for my decision that going to Karl-Adam Bonnier Fellowship program is right for me.

I remember flying to Stockholm seems like yesterday. Thanks to endless encouragement, guidance, help and hugs from my family, friends, mentor and the Foundation, the five months with school work and pro bono consulting project have been very rewarding. The most important tip I’ve received is that human connection, be it fika, hugs, lunches and dinners with friends, is the best way to deal with stress. I’m super grateful that the Business and Management class have grown into a well-bonded and supportive bunch. They are dearly missed when the four of us are in Singapore. It is said that friends are like star, you always know they are there and I truly believe that the friendships we fostered will remain for life. 

We are also grateful for the warm welcome we receive in Singapore from the Master Programme officers to the Faculty and the student community. It is exactly a month since the first day of school in National University of Singapore (NUS) and we feel that we have learnt a lot, juggling between Seminars, group projects and extra-curriculum activities. 

Stay tuned for more interesting stories from my fellows. We wish you, our readers, will have a wonderful day and if you celebrate Spring Festival, we wish you a prosperous and happy new year. 



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