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The first semester is now coming to an end.

These months have really been so interesting and full with a lot of new knowledge and insights about business and management but also a much deeper understanding for perspectives from all over the world.

Our class has consisted of more than 30 nationalities and this have been so enriching in our classroom discussions. To hear experiences, insights and stories from that many cultures really contribute to a more solid view on different dilemmas and issues in business. My favorite classes from this term have been business ethics and global leadership, primarily because that the cultural aspects have been so central in these two courses, but also because they have been widely discussion based. Talking about different topics and sharing experiences leads to students co-creating the content together with the professor  - this is really a great way of active learning.

It is rather different to study here compared to SSE. I like both the ways these two schools teach. SSE is very theoretical, whereas NUS is more practical. At SSE we had a lot of exams, but here at NUS there are more projects (group projects in every of the five courses we’re taking sometimes it’s harder to coordinate the meetings than actually doing the projects). I really like how this scholarship have provided me with the opportunity to try both of these different types of learning, since I think that they are complementing each other in a very good way.

Even in the midst of the most hectic period before the last semester finish, I still look forward choosing courses for the next semester and coming back to my classmates here at NUS. I’ve met so many interesting, fun, caring, nice and smart people here and I’m so thankful that I still have more than half of this adventure ahead of me.

Now I’m looking forward to put my books on hold during the break and practice what I’ve learnt in school. There is a summer coming with an internship and hopefully some traveling!

Following are some picture of my first months here in Singapore.

All the best!


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