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April - Update from Singapore

Have you ever had a moment when you have so much to do and you feel like months have passed by so quickly that you do not even remember what exactly you have done?

Take a few minutes to think about it… Think as well what you have done today and yesterday: morning, afternoon and evening. What actions had led to positive consequences, and what actions you wish you had not done? Please write them down if you have discovered some cool findings you otherwise would have neglected them! 

The difference between my experience in Stockholm and Singapore, so far, is just that! It is just whether I take a moment to reflect on my actions constantly or whether I just keep working to meet the deadlines. When you take a moment to think about what you have done, time becomes precious and gets recorded in your brain. You would feel like time is long and meaningful. SSE, during the first semester, teaches you to reflect on your actions, demands you to do so! Then when you come to NUS in Singapore, you will know how beneficial it is to apply the self-reflection skill to be in the present among the fast-paced environment and actual hands-on business projects. K-A Bonnier program really has offered me this unique educational experience I would have missed from pursuing a single-degree master’s program elsewhere.

As diverse and as high in the sky as it can be in Singapore!

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