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First cohort farewell

13 March 2020
It’s been a while since we, KAB IFP #1, updated our life in this blog.

Impressions from singapore

15 January 2020
It has been a few weeks now since I left Singapore and I am already feeling a little bit nostalgic about the past year.

For many international students, holidays are the time to go home or travel around.

14 January 2020
In my second winter holidays, I decided to spend the time in Stockholm to first chill out after a semester at work and second explore the city in a unique way.

Our First Months as a Master Student at sse

26 September 2019
I started my new journey in Stockholm in late August when the weather was favourable.

Hot town, summer in the city.

09 September 2019
I always enjoy that time of year in Sweden when people come back from the summer vacation.

Something about me in Sweden

05 June 2019
It was our last exam of the first year two days ago and time did really fly in a blink of an eye.

BAck in Sweden (Josefina cohort 2017-2019)

15 April 2019
Hello! A couple of months have passed since my last update and I am now back in Stockholm.

Getting settled in Singapore!

20 February 2019
The first weeks in Singapore have flown by so far.

By having good local friends when you live abroad, you can call the place another home.

18 January 2019
Hello fellows! It’s Spring semester 2019! I am back to the world’s beloved and legendary Stockholm for my last semester of the KAB master’s program.

Hello from Singapore!

20 December 2018
I’m leaving my second home for the past few years in a couple of days and already miss it! At the same time I’m excited to see my family very soon. Saying goodbye to Singapore as well as 2018 is not easy, both have been very special to me personally. I’m glad to come to Singapore and come back to NUS this year to rekindle the old and discover the new.
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