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Double Degree Requirements

This section describes the degree requirements for a student studying the first academic year at SSE and the second year at Bocconi.


To qualify for the Double Degree program, a SSE student has to take eight courses in her/his first year at SSE  for a total of 60 ECTS, with each course being worth 7,5 ECTS. In the first semester, the student takes the four mandatory courses and in the second semester, the student is required to choose four courses from the list of finance elective courses, and at least one of the four courses has to be a quantitative course. You can find the list of courses here.


While at Bocconi in the second year, the student has to take five elective courses, each being worth 6 ECTS, yielding a total of 30 ECTS. Among the remaining three (or four) electives, the student must choose at least two Corporate Finance electives to qualify for the SSE Corporate Finance specialization. The course choice must be approved by the SSE program head. Similarly, to qualify for the SSE Investment Management specialization, the student must choose at least two Investment electives. Again, the course choice must be approved by the SSE program head.

Foreign languages (8 ECTS)
The Double Degree requires all students to take two language exams. For SSE students, the first language should be English at level C1, while the second language should be Italian. The minimum level required for Italian will be level A2, but the student will have the chance to select a higher level (B1 business or B2 business) if (s)he wishes so. The selected foreign languages must not include the student´s mother tongue.

Thesis (30 ECTS)
SSE requires a thesis amounting to 30 as opposed to 18 ECTS at Bocconi. To fulfil this requirement, SSE students spending their second year at Bocconi will write and defend their thesis at Bocconi, in compliance with its calendar and regulations, and do not need to defend their thesis or attend seminars at SSE. In addition, students are asked to write a second (shorter) essay making up for the remaining 12 ECTS with an SSE supervisor. Both theses will be graded by an SSE examiner and should be submitted as one document under a common title.

Internship (8 ECTS)
In order to be awarded the two degrees, students will have to take a full-time internship of at least 10 weeks, or 16 weeks part time. The internship could be carried out in Sweden, in Italy or in any other country. The internship will have to be formally recognized and accepted by the Master of Science director at Bocconi.

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