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Markus Ibert

Meet Markus - PhD in Finance alum.

1. What is the attraction of doing research?

The attraction of doing research is that in essence you can explore whatever topic or method interests you. You are highly flexible in what you do and when you do it with little constraints. In other words, research gives you a lot of freedom and you will learn new things every day. A research career also allows you to interact with people that are like-minded which certainly fosters the dissemination of knowledge.

2. Why choose SSE if you want to become a researcher?

SSE has an established PhD program with courses that complement one another, excellent research faculty, and excellent connections with the financial industry and policy makers worldwide. SSE's finance department is ranked among the best in Europe and attracts many qualified researchers (as permanent faculty, visiting faculty, or for a seminar series). Stockholm itself is a beautiful city in a progressive environment with a high quality of living. 

3. What is the best thing about SSE if you are a PhD student?

The continuous and easy interaction with faculty and other PhD students in personal discussions, courses, and seminars. It creates an environment in which it is easy to feed one's curiosity. 

4. What characterizes the PhD education at SSE?

A high quality of education and a well-structured PhD program characterize the PhD education at SSE. The program is complemented by various mini courses taught by renowned researchers and excellent excellent internal and external seminar series. Generous sources of funding make it possible to attend international conferences, organize short term research trips, or even participate in full-year exchanges.