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Sante Carbone

Combining his research interests with being involved first-hand in policy work, Sante Carbone, MSc in Economics alum and Economist at the Swedish Central Bank (Sveriges Riksbank) hopes that his work might contribute to some of the most pressing issues present in our society.

Describe your role and what it is that you do overall and on a day-to-day basis.

I am currently working as an Economist in the Banking Division of the Financial Stability Department of Sveriges Riksbank (Swedish Central Bank). The broad focus of the work conducted in my department is to ensure a stable and well-functioning financial system in Sweden. From a hands-on perspective, this implies several different exciting tasks: from quantitative analysis of different financial institutions/markets to contributing to policy discussions conducted in various international fora.


What interested you about the field/company/role you are currently in?

Starting with the work for my master thesis while at SSE, I have really wanted to focus on research issues concerning monetary policy and financial stability. Working at a central bank has allowed me to combine these research interests with being involved first-hand in policy work. This combination is what I find most compelling and fitting with my aspirations for how economists might contribute to some of the most pressing issues present in our society.


What is most exciting about your work at the moment? Where do you think the field is going in the next 5-10 years?

The combination of policy work with research is what I thoroughly enjoy about my work environment. I also see lots of potential in future developments concerning the way we work at central banks and other international institutions addressing financial stability issues. One concrete example is the greater focus dedicated to environmental issues and how these interact with our main mandates.


What was so appealing about the SSE Masters in Economics program when you were considering where to study your Masters degree? Or what was so appealing about Stockholm/Sweden?

My decision to apply for the M.Sc. in Economics at SSE was grounded in SSE's strong reputation and its compelling curriculum. On the latter point, the possibility to specialize in quantitative economic analysis was something I found particularly relevant.


How did your time/education at SSE help guide you to the career journey you have embarked on?

My time at SSE has been highly instrumental for the career path I have taken. Both the quality of the courses as well as the good interaction with the faculty were factors that helped sharpen my interests for monetary economics and financial stability.


Following your time studying, do you have any words of wisdom or advice you would like to share with our current students?

I would definitely recommend current Master students in economics at SSE to enjoy their time there! Masters studies are, in my view, a great opportunity both to invest time specializing in the area of economics we enjoy the most and at the same time get great experiences with fellow students who share the same drive and commitment.


What are three words that sum up your time at SSE?

Engagement, cooperation, learning.