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PhD in Finance - Placements

A list of some former PhD students and their present positions. The list does not include all former PhD students.

PhD 2018
Vasilis Dedes, Quantitative Researcher, Blackrock
Tolga Demir, Assistant Professor of Finance, Sabanci University
Marcus Ibert, Economist, The Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Erik Sverdrup, Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Viktor Thell, Analyst, Finansinspektionen

PhD 2017
Fatemeh Hosseini, Assistant professor, Tilburg University
Valeri Sokolovski, Assistant Professor, HEC Montreal
Jieying Li, Riksbanken

PhD 2016
Tomas Thörnquist, Research Assistant Professor, HKUST Business School
Egle Karmaziene, Assistant professor, University of Groningen
Ricardo Lopez Aliouchkin, Assistant Professor of Finance at Whithman School of Management, Syracuse University

PhD 2015
Mariana Khapko, Assistant Professor of Finance at University of Toronto
Nikita Kopyug, Research Institute for Industrial Economics
Kristoffer Milonas, Research Economist, Bank of England

PhD 2014
Andreas Nilsson, Founder at Sonanz, Germany
Johannes Breckenfelder, Economist at the Financial Research Division (DGR) European Central Bank, Germany
Jan Schnitzler, Assistant Professor of Finance at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Rafael Barros de Rezende, PhD Economist, Sveriges Riksbank
Adam Farago, Assistant Professor, Gothenburg University

PhD 2013
Patrick Augustin, Assistant Professor of Finance at McGill University, Desaultes Faculty of Management
Hamid Boustanifar, Assistant Professor, Department of Financial Economics at BI Norwegian Business School

PhD 2011
Linus Kaisajuntti Danske Markets Stockholm
Joakim Bång, Senior Lecturer, Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

PhD 2010
Daniel Sunesson, Special Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Stockholm, Sweden
Linus Siming, Assistant Professor, Bocconi University, Milano, Italy
Reimo Juks, Sveriges Riksbank

PhD 2009
Henrik Hasseltoft, Assistant Professor, Swiss Banking Institute, University of Zurich, Schweiz
Thomas Jansson, Sveriges Riksbank, Research Department, Stockholm, Sweden
Samuel Lee, Assistant Professor, Stern School of Business, New York, USA
Agatha Murgoci, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

PhD 2008
Mikael Elhouar, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Finance and Economics, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Raana Farooqi-Lind, Senior Administrative Officer, Financial Law and Economics Division, Ministry of Finance, Stockholm, Sweden
Maria Strömqvist, Quantitative Analyst, Brummer Multi-Strategy, Stockholm, Sweden
Johan Söderström, Manticore Capital, Brummer & Partners, Stockholm, Sweden

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