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PhD in Economics - Placements

The department assists students to prepare and distribute job market materials to potential employers. We have an excellent record of placing students with research universities, research institutions, government agencies and the private sector.

PhD 2020
Clara Fernström, Stockholm University, Sweden

PhD 2019
Andreas Born, University of Muenich, Germany
Julian Boulanger, Deloitte, Belgium
Emma Heikensten, SEB, Sweden
Siri Isaksson, Norwegian School of Economics, Norway
Aljoscha Janssen, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Elin Molin, The Swedish Tax Agency, Sweden
Nadiia Lazhaevska, Karma, Sweden
Andrea Papetti, Bank of Italy, Italy
Elle Parslow, Kry, Sweden
Bengt Söderlund, Post-doc, University of Virginia, USA
Domenico Viganola, George Mason university, USA

PhD 2018
Adam Altmejd, Post-doc, Dept of Finance SSE and SOFI Stockholm University, Sweden
Evelina Bonnier, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
Andrea Camilli, University of Bath, UK
Marta Giagheddu, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Thomas Seiler, UBS, Switzerland

PhD 2017
Jun Chen: Wuhan University, China
Eleonora Freddi: Tilburg University, Netherlands
Max Groneck: Groningen University, Netherlands
Arieda Muco: Central European University, Hungary

PhD 2016
Niklas Amberg, Swedish House of Finance (SHoF), Sweden
Luca Facchinello: School of Economics, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Eskil Forsell: Spotify, Sweden
Erik Lundin, Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN), Sweden

PhD 2015
Paola Di Casola: Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden
Spyridon Sichlimiris: National Institute of Economic Research (Konjunkturinstitutet), Sweden
Simon Wehrmüller: Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority FINMA, Switzerland

PhD 2014  

Paul Elger: Ministry of Finance, Sweden
Karin Hederos Eriksson: SOFI, Stockholm University, Sweden
Ewa Lazarczyk: Reykjavik University, Iceland
Andualem Mengistu: Ethiopian Development Research Institute, Ethiopia
Anna Sandberg: IIES, Stockholm university, Sweden
Arna Vardardottir: Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Mustafa Yildirim: Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

PhD 2013
Amanda Jakobsson: School of Economics, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Elena Mattana: CORE, Louvain, Belgium
Taneli Mäkinen: Bank of Italy, Italy
Björn Ohl: National Bank of Poland, Poland
Abel Schumann: OECD, Paris, France
Alberto Vesperoni: University of Siegen, Germany
Claudia Wolff: Medtronics, Lausanne, Switzerland

PhD 2012
Mark Bernard: Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Sara Formai: European Central Bank, Germany
Tobias Laun: Uppsala University, Sweden
Uuganbaatar Ninjbat: National University of Mongolia, Mongolia
André Romahn: IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

PhD 2011
Margherita Bottero: Bank of Italy, Italy
Gökhan Buturak: Ya┼čar University, Izmir, Turkey
Damián Migueles Chazarreta: National Institute of Economic Research (Konjunkturinstitutet), Sweden
Ronny Freier: DIW Berlin, Germany
Karen Khachatryan: Durham University, UK
Eva Ranehill:  University of Zurich, Switzerland 
Ignat Stepanok: Kiel Institute of World Economy, Germany
Björn Wallace: University of Cambridge, UK

PhD 2010
Anders Engvall: The China Economics Research Center, Sweden
Henrik Lundvall: The Riksbank - Sweden's central bank (Sveriges Riksbank), Sweden
Kristin Magnusson Bernard: International Monetary Fund (IMF), USA
Erik Mohlin: University College London, UK
Pernilla Sjöquist Rafiqui: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Sweden

PhD 2009

Johan Almenberg: Ministry of Finance, Sweden
Anna Dreber Almenberg: Institute for Financial Research (SIFR), Sweden
Sebastian Eriksson Giwa: Bridgewater Associates (Macro hedgefond), USA
Olga Lazareva: Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Ola Melander: International Monetary Fund (IMF), USA
Marcus Salomonsson: Private Business, Consultant, Sweden
Robertas Zubrickas: University of Zurich, Switzerland

PhD 2008
Ola Granström: Astra Zeneca, Sweden
Erik Höglin: National Institute of Economic Research (Konjunkturinstitutet), Sweden
Robert Östling: IIES, Stockholm University, Sweden

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