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The curriculum of the Marketing & Media Management program comprises two years containing intense courses in a variety of contemporary topics in marketing.

The first year gives you a solid foundation in the area of marketing, and the curriculum also offers rich and diverse possibilities for company contacts and internships. Several courses during the first year integrate theory and practice, and are based on interaction with a network of companies. Theory and model discussions, live cases, and company projects aiming to develop your marketing skills are central parts of the courses. The second year allows for flexibility to design a personal curriculum that broadens your perspective and tailors your education to your needs and interests.

Semester 1 and 2

The first semester provides tools for addressing strategic issues related to marketing, business development, and markets. You learn how to analyze changing markets, how to integrate different functions in the firm, and how to ensure that market orientation and customer value creation permeates the organization. In a parallel course, you focus particularly on identifying and exploiting opportunities and managing challenges that face media corporations today.

This is followed by a full semester in creative business development, brand management and marketing communications (XL). The aim of these courses is to help you deal with the most important challenges facing corporations on today’s highly dynamic markets.

Year 2

Semester 3 and 4

Thesis in Marketing & Media Management and choose between:
•    Exchange Program
•    Executive Trainee Module (XTM)
•    Four electives at SSE

Electives at SSE
A set of courses given by the Marketing and Strategy institution:
•    Management in a Globalizing Economy
•    Contemporary Research Issues in Marketing
•    Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

A set of around twenty-five elective courses in other areas of Business Administration, and in Finance and Economics.

Semester 3 and 4

The second year of the Master program is devoted to taking more courses (30 ECTS) and Thesis writing (30 ECTS). You have many choices about what course to take. You can take elective courses in Business Administration, Finance and Economics.

You can also apply to study one semester abroad through the SSE student exchange program or to work as trainees through the SSE Trainee module via XTM.

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