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MSc Program in General Management

Note: description of the past program structure (last intake in 2014)

In today's society, there is a high demand for professionals whose education combines business with other fields such as engineering, law, medicine, political science, design, or journalism. The most important future leaders need to have broad business knowledge and know how to apply theories and conceptual tools within a wide range of fields. That’s exactly the ambition of the two-year MSc in General Management program.

Solid theoretical base combined with practical skills training

The program offers a solid theoretical base combined with extensive practical skills training. Students work on real-life projects and acquire a good understanding of the core aspects of a business - from idea generation and strategy, through sales, marketing and operations to finance, accounting and organizational structure.

After completing the program, students will have great freedom of choice in the future career, opening pathways to positions such as industrial business leader, line manager or entrepreneur, as well as specialist functions like corporate lawyer or business journalist. Graduates from the program go into diverse industries: for example management consulting, computer/information technology, investment banking, manufacturing and media/culture.


As a General Management student you work on real-life projects and acquire a good understanding of a full business model, i.e. how a business functions and how its processes relate to each other.

The program offers a solid theoretical base combined with practical skills training and gives an understanding of the core aspects of a business - something that will be of tremendous value in the future career regardless of the type of organization or business you decide to work with.

The focus of the program is understanding the full business model. A full business model includes all activities that define how a firm performs in the marketplace and focuses attention on how all the elements of a business fit together. It helps you determine whether a business makes sense or not. The MSc in General Management emphasizes the different core aspects of a business and give you a thorough understanding of the value creation process within a company or organization.

The program is integrating business theory, practice and skills. You will be given the opportunity to apply your theoretical learnings in real-life settings when working with live cases and projects and to practice your business skills in a variety of areas ranging from presentation and negotiation skills to project management.

SSE has strong links to the business community and you will have the opportunity to interact with practitioners throughout the entire program, through guest lectures, mentorship and live-cases. Everything we do is grounded in cutting-edge academic research and applied to real world problems.

The discipline modules will serve as your first knowledge platform by introducing specific subject areas such as Accounting & Control, Economics, Finance, Management & Organization and Marketing & Strategy and you will acquire a general understanding of the whole business

Theme Modules
Continuing to build your knowledge platform, you will be introduced to new content linked to themes such as “The Start-Up Firm”, “The Multi-National Corporation and Internationalization”, and “Mergers & Acquisitions”.

‘Live Case’ Modules
During the ‘live case’ modules you will put your theoretical learnings into practice and work with a company or organization and deliver recommendations on a specific business issue.

Skills Modules
An important part of your education will be to develop your analytical and practical skills. You will learn to develop an analytical mindset and train skills like presentation and negotiation techniques, group dynamics and time management.

During the second year, you will work on a major business project, in total equivalent to one full semester. To a great extent, you will have the opportunity to choose the type of project and industry in which you take an interest.


A degree from the Stockholm School of Economics opens many doors towards a successful future career. Graduating from SSE, you will have all the opportunities to choose a job that you find interesting and important.

The SSE MSc in General Management addresses high-potential students who seek a challenge and have the ambition to reach leadership positions within specialist and generalist areas. Combined with a solid specialist education, the program gives student great freedom of choice in their future careers, opening pathways to positions such as industrial business leader manager and entrepreneur or specialist functions such as corporate lawyer, and business journalist.

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