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Joseph Menezes

"It can totally change your life.", Joseph Menzes - MBA, Global Product Manager, ABB Power Systems, Västerås

How did participating in the SSE MBA Program change you professionally?
It has given me enormous confidence in dealing with the business challenges that I face on a daily basis, which require fast, high-impact decision making on multidimensional issues. In my role as global product manager, the SSE MBA complements my engineering background and gives me a more holistic view of things. It has helped me penetrate issues both more deeply and more broadly. The SSE MBA has triggered my dormant qualities and helped me become more innovative and creative.

And personally?
It has given me deep insights about myself. Now, I don’t just see problems, I see options and feel as if anything is possible. Colleagues, friends, family and myself notice the changes. Even my son, a sixth-grader at the time, became very inspired by me taking the program. His No. 1 choice of higher education is now SSE.

What surprised you most about the program?
The high intensity of the program. Working, studying and taking care of my family at the same time really took a lot of energy. Moreover, I appreciated that the School applied a continuous approach to constantly improving the program, partly based on feedback from participants. There was nothing standard about the program.

In your eyes, what were the major strengths of the program?
The financial management course was particularly rewarding for me, since I have an engineering background. Organizational theory also felt very solid and, overall, the curriculum is very well balanced and it is both stimulating and challenging. The fantastic, high-profile faculty is another strength. They bring out the best in you, yet you are humbled by their skills and talent.

What did your employer gain from your participation?
What I learned in the program is being applied directly to my work. The knowledge from academia and insights from other organizations that I picked up during the program have enabled me to reach new conclusions. My employer also benefited from the MBALive® projects and cases that involved the company. As a result of these activities I have also gotten to know the large organization better.

How did your role within your company change as a result of the program?
I moved from being a development engineer to becoming a systems architect. In the process of studying for an MBA at SSE, I switched departments and took on a more managerial role. 

What’s your opinion on your fellow participants?
The other participants were a true source of energy, in class as well as outside. Their diversity and different backgrounds proved a rich experience that enriched the flow of knowledge in class.

What’s your advice to future SSE MBA participants?
Prepare yourself for an intense and challenging program. If you invest your time and work earnestly, it is something you will value and cherish for the rest of your life. It can totally change your life.​