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Frida Pemer - Assistant Professor

Frida Pemer is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management and Organization.

Her research focuses on professional services and the buyer-supplier relationship. In 2008, she defended her dissertation Failure or Success? An empirical study of how management consulting projects are evaluated in client companies in which she explored why some projects were perceived as more successful than others.

Frida has been awarded the prestigious Wallander scholarship, a three-year research grant awarded to successful scholars having recently awarded their PhDs. She is currently working in several projects regarding professional services and purchasing in private and public sectors.

In 2010 Frida received funding from Ragnar Söderbergs Stiftelse for a three-year research Project providing new insights into how companies organize their use and purchase of different types of professional services, as well as how they define their needs and evaluate the quality of the services.

In 2014 she received funding from Forte for a three-year research project on how the need for buying knowledge-intensive services is created in private and public organizations.

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