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Benefits for the employer

An employee who wants to pursue an Executive MBA is ambitious, eager to learn, wants a deeper and holistic understanding of doing business and most of all wants to develop. A person who needs challenges.

Sponsoring an Executive MBA will bring immediate benefits to the organization.

The employee remains a part of the organization. Unlike participants in a full-time MBA, all participants continue to work full-time and are able to use and apply what they learn already from the first campus week directly in their organizations.

10 campus weeks spread out over 18 months. The design of the program and our week long modules mean that the employee is not away for too long at a time and can easily plan for and fit the program into the work schedule. 

MBALive® pedagogy. All participants pursue a number of  smaller and bigger projects in real organizations. This way they learn more in depth and also bring back value to their organizations. They will have ample opportunity to analyze different parts of your organization and develop recommendations for action and drive real, measurable change. Read more about MBALive® here.

A more complete business leader. We know for sure that our participants develop a lot both professionally and as persons. After graduating from SSE MBA Executive Format they know what to do, how to do it, why they are doing what they do, and will have a more holistic view on business. They have gained new knowledge, new insights, new perspectives, a broader network, a new confidence and will be able to contribute on a more strategic level and in new areas.

A broad and international network. SSE MBA participants come from a broad range of industries, positions, nationalities and academic backgrounds. Working together in many different projects in each others organizations, helping each other move forward and making the projects a success builds a network that often lasts a life time. As SSE alumni they also have access to the whole SSE Alumni network and different events held. Read more about the participant profile here.

Engage in the employee's development and make use of the program. The more you put into the program the more you get out of it. See the tuition fee as an investment. Be open to the employee doing projects in your organization during the program. It can be a financial analysis, marketing strategy or a strategy project. Are there any projects or tasks that could be linked to the different courses and used to deepen and secure the employee's learning? Ask the employee to do a debrief after a campus week and share learnings in a bigger context, perhaps with your management team.