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Bachelor Program in Retail Management

The BSc Program in Retail Management (180 ECTS) is a 3-year unique specialized business & economics program with a strong focus on retail. It sets you up for a successful career in areas such as E-commerce, Brand Management, Supply Chain Management and Fashion Business. The program is fully in English and open for international students. It is tuition free for EU citizens and several scholarships are available to non-EU citizens.

The Bachelor Program in Retail Management is specialized on retailing and is closely linked to the top class industry research at Center for Retailing. However, the program also contains content students normally receive at all business schools, such as economics, marketing, accounting, management and strategy. Many courses are customized to provide both general and retail-specific content.

During the first two years, a semester typically includes four to five courses. During the third year, students take fewer courses but write two larger reports: a company project and a Bachelor thesis.

The Applied Retail Track
The Applied Retail Track gives you a unique opportunity to work closely with well-known retail companies. It runs through all three years and gives you unmatched networking opportunities for a future career in retail. Theory and practice are combined and you work hands-on with real-life projects and challenges such as sustainability. Eleven retail clubs comprise the track. Each retail club consists of 15–20 students from all years in the program, company representatives, and a faculty member from SSE. The Applied Retail Track includes workshops, company visits, theme lectures as well as career planning.

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Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program
The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program focuses on offering a more personalized learning experience for students, inspired by similar ideas at Oxford and Cambridge. Through tutor sessions with faculty members and skills workshops, you develop your academic knowledge as well as your self-leadership and peer leadership skills.

SSE Business Lab
Are you interested in entrepreneurship and want to start your own company while studying at SSE? The SSE Business Lab is our very own incubator open to students in all programs. You will get all the help you need to grow your entrepreneurial skills and succeed with your business idea. One of many companies that have come out of the SSE Business Lab is Europe's most valued fintech company, Klarna. 

Exchange Semester
In your final year, we offer a couple of spots for an exchange semester at one of our many prestigious partner universities around the world. SSE is partnered with over 70 top-ranked universities and business schools all around the world.

Excellent Career Opportunities
A degree from SSE opens the doors to a wide range of careers and advanced studies. SSE is highly ranked and our students are very attractive on the job market, for example among our 110 partner companiesMany receive job offers before graduating. Others choose to continue their studies on the Master level.

Our graduates typically go onto having successful careers in a wide range of industries, for example within FMCG, E-commerce, consumer electronics and fashion. Some common titles are brand managers, category managers, merchandise managers, product managers, customer insight analysts, supply chain managers, key account managers, controllers, entrepreneurs, project managers, and management consultants.

However, knowledge about retail is not only in demand in the traditional retail sector. Your skills will also be applicable to working in the manufacturing or service sector. You will also be qualified to work in any business that increasingly invests in stores, such as banks, insurance companies, automotive companies, and mobile operators. The choices are many. 

Meet our graduates and see our employment reports here.

Exceptional student experience
This is a highly selective program that offers outstanding students a close and creative learning environment. Our students also have a strong culture of "Sharing is Caring" which means that they always try to support each other rather than competing with one another. This is just one of many ways that SSE's educational mission FREE will shine through during your studies at SSE. Last but not least, the student life at SSE is great!

A warm welcome to SSE!

Who is the student choosing Retail Management?

You are more interested in the business side of business and economics, because the Retail Management program has more courses in marketing, management and accounting compared to economics and finance.

You are interested in sustainability, digitalization and the changes, you are interested in being part of a small program with 60 students. You also like to engage with researchers on an one-on-one basis cause that’s what we provide in the tutorial program. You get to meet your teachers individually to discuss your development and the topics that we cover in the classroom.

You are also interested in engaging with business people cause we provide a lot of opportunities for that throughout the education.

/Fredrik Lange, Program Director

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