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what's your thing, matilda?

Matilda Waldner is 30 years old and a first-year student in the MIB/CEMS Master program at the Stockholm School of Economics. Her story? She hears music in everything.

"At the age of 7, I wrote my first song, and by 10, my classmates were fed-up with me always occupying the school stage to sing Spice Girls to them. 

I grew up with three older brothers, all of us sharing a passion for music, which resulted in having both a rich cd and vinyl collection, and also a large number of instruments at home.

However, it was still the human voice that fascinated me the most out of all instruments, and I took lessons to develop my vocal skills from an early age. The following ten years were filled with performances and song writing, band creations and fall-aparts, and lots of musical exploring; this was about the time that Spotify entered the industry scene and made it possible for nerds like myself to dive deep into previously unknown genres, artists and tracks. 

Some years later, after finishing school, I took off to ‘La La-Land’, Los Angeles, to deepen my vocal skills and guitar playing. After coming back to Sweden, I knew that I did not only want to work with music, but that I also had a big interest in business and entrepreneurship.

It felt natural to apply to SSE given the high quality and great reputation of the school, and I was very happy when I was accepted to the Business and Economics Bachelor program. 

For some reason, I did not expect a lot of music engagements going on at the school – the only apparent musical activity seemed to be the one of the choir, Friedmans Apostlar, which I auditioned for – and got in.

Not many months passed before I was asked to perform at a student association event, and that was only the beginning of what was to come. Thanks to the school and the network I built through it, I have gotten the opportunity to perform at gigs that I could never have dreamed of; singing to royalties and Swedish icons, been on stage in the Ericsson Globe, and performed with my band at the Nobel Night Cap. 

However, what has been of most value are the people that I have met through SSE. One of them is Philip Jussil. We do not only share band, but we are also making music together; Philip is not only an amazing musician but also a talented producer. We have done several projects together, and we both run our own music companies today. 

I’m very proud of our latest project, and I believe it illustrates how friendships can grow under the SSE roof and lead to something fantastic. I met Evelina Keifer, Anna Von Grothusen, Elin Grahn, Marina Vernholmen and Camilla Hedström through the school. They are all wonderful singers and business leaders, and as our paths often crossed, we became friends. 

Last summer, I wrote a song called ‘Red Lips’, which Philip produced, and I asked if the girls wanted to record it with me, as a group. They all said yes, and now we are ‘Femme46’ and our song was released on Spotify on May 3rd, 2019. 

‘Red Lips’ is a tribute to the female power behind red lips, and it has been an amazing experience to work with such talented and skilled friends. The track is such a confidence booster, and we all adore what we’ve achieved together.

I’m still at SSE, doing my masters in the amazing MIB/CEMS-program, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity that the school has given me over the years – and is still giving me."

Listen to the song here

Want to know more? Follow Femme46 on Instagram @Therealfemme46, and my solo career @Izedicte.

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