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Vad är din grej, isabelle?

Isabelle är 22 år gammal, kommer från Sundsvall och studerar Business & Economics. Här kan du läsa varför Isabelle valde att studera på Handelshögskolan och vad hennes passion är.

"When I finished High School 4 years ago I played soccer at a professional level and thought that I was going to do so for several years ahead. But I also had to work on the side, since you can’t live as a female professional soccer player in Sweden. So I started to work as a salesman at Telia Company and imagined myself to have a career as a salesman after my time as a soccer player. But as the years flew by I realized that my passion was leadership and development and I started thinking about what I wanted to study to learn more about these things. 

I had for a long time heard that Stockholm School of Economics was an amazing school, but I hadn’t figured out how the education would help me with what I wanted to do in the future. 

By the age of 20 I hurt my knee so bad that I had to end my soccer career and I started to coach younger girls instead. I had reached all my goals that I had set up at my work and felt that I was in the mood for something new, but I was not ready to give up all the knowledge that I had built up as a coach. So I started to imagine myself working with soccer and combine soccer with other things that I love; for example development, leadership, equality, involvement and I came up with that I wanted to work with international football and questions that are important for me.

And for those of you who don’t know how the soccer is organized in the world, it’s not all about the game. It’s also about for example finance, economics, organisation, business law and leadership. And what better school to learn about those things than SSE? So in August 2018 I moved from Sundsvall to Stockholm to start my journey to become an important part of some soccer organization in the world. 

Your dreams can never be too big if you are brave enough to believe in yourself and if you are able to push yourself above your limits. My dream is to work at some place like UEFA or FIFA and make the world a better place by improving questions regarding for example equality and involvement. I want as many people as possible in the world to feel free to play football, I want as many soccer related organisations as possible to be a good example for other organisations and I want as many people as possible to feel that they are a part of something. 

I know for sure that SSE is the perfect choice for me and there isn't any other school that could bring me better opportunities to reach my goals in Sweden than SSE does. After my studies here I will be well educated and it's only me who can decide how my journey will continue after I have graduated from SSE."

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