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Vad är din grej, Velitchko?

Velitchko är 18 år, är född i Bulgarien och uppvuxen i Stockholm och läser kandidatprogrammet i Retail Management. Här kan du läsa om Velitchkos passion.

"I’ve always been passionate about advertising and graphic design and wanted to create professional logos and brands. I learned how to use Photoshop when I was twelve years old by watching tutorials on YouTube. With a lot of practice, I became good at it and began making posters for school events, and used every school assignment as an opportunity to create a professional PowerPoint or a paper with a neat design. I soon became familiar with all Adobe software and learned to edit videos as well.  

For a long time, I thought I wanted to make graphic design my profession, but after an internship in a design agency, I started doubting that career path. In fact, perhaps focusing on solely graphic design wasn’t enough: I am passionate about marketing as well, the entire process of bringing a product to the consumer and making it appealing. I also found economics - in general - quite interesting. So, having heard that Stockholm School of Economics is the best place in Sweden to study anything broadly business-related, I aimed at SSE. 

That was, so far, the best choice I’ve ever made. Not only is the student association allowing me to design more than ever on the side, the Retail Management program is exceeding all my expectations and seems to be opening so many doors beyond the stereotypical “retail consultant” path. The courses cover everything from crucial general knowledge about business to the specifics of developing a marketing strategy. I’m really pleased that we get to apply the theory to some more practical problems and assignments as well. It feels like the program is giving me the tools necessary to pursue any career that could interest me, be it within advertising, marketing, or broadly within consumer goods and retail. Wanting to participate in more than the sheer design of the ads, I don’t think that graphic design will be at the center of my career, but I’m sure it will be a part of it in some way and it has certainly helped me get where I am today." 


Some of Velitchko's designs:





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