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Report launch – Highly educated talent pool fuels fintech in Stockholm

The Stockholm School of Economics and Invest Stockholm release the third Stockholm FinTech Report today, which examines investments, the talent pool, and trends. This report reviews disclosed investments, assesses insights into the review of 3069 LinkedIn profiles of FinTech employees and provides interviews with 13 regional market leaders.

The Stockholm FinTech Report 2018 visualises, organises, as well as reflects upon changes since the last report, published in 2016. As of 2018, the FinTech Regional Ecosystem in Stockholm is considerably far more than just payments between users or lending brokerages. Not only has the types of services, products and technology gotten more sophisticated, the development of new Financial Service Startups has impacted the way in which business has been done.  

Instead of speaking to experienced compliance teams of bank employees in sharp suits, with FinTech we experienced to speak to the representatives of financial companies dressed in t-shirts representing a different compliance structure with a different angle of view and lingo.” Stig Johannson – Head of FinTech, Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. 

Numerous traditional financial players, regulators, dedicated co-working spaces, academic centres, and investors have worked towards regional FinTech synergy on different levels. The establishment of the Swedish FinTech Hub, the creation of the FinTech Innovation Centre by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, or the creation of study fields related to FinTech by academic institutions has fuelled further development. 

Regional FinTech companies increased the level of sophistication of their services towards currently developing fields of Initial-Coin-Offering (ICO), Payment-Of-Things (PoT) and Green Digital Finance. We just still miss a couple of puzzle pieces in our digital ecosystem like a national FinTech agenda similar to Singapore and potential sandboxes models for companies” – says Michal Gromek, researcher at the Department of Marketing and Strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics. 

Furthermore, this report reviews the potential developments in the field of Green Digital Finance, possible influences of Brexit on Stockholm or the Rise of Crowdfunding - towards mainstream services to purchase or sell Real-Estate.  

You can download the full report here.

For further information, please contact:
 Hanna Flodmark, Communication and Marketing Manager, Stockholm School of Economics, 
Mobile: +46 (0)70-689 90 15, hanna.flodmark@hhs.se 

Jenny Berthling, Business Development Manager, Invest Stockholm mobile: +46 (0)70-47 280 08, jenny.berthling@Stockholm.se 

About Invest Stockholm:
This report has been financially supported by Invest Stockholm, the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. The goal of Invest Stockholm is to connect new companies to the ecosystem of top-notch enterprises, universities, and research centres. The service includes matching investors with opportunities and providing advice and practical assistance (free of charge) in setting up and growing a business in Stockholm Business Alliance.  

About the Stockholm Business Alliance:
Stockholm Business Alliance (SBA) - crucial aspects of this report (investment, LinkedIn analysis, or trends) are geographically limited to companies which have been incorporated into the 55 municipalities called the Stockholm Business Alliance. It is a collaboration between the municipalities administered by Invest Stockholm.


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