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Congratulations to Erik Modig who has been voted Teacher of the year 2017/18 on the BSc level!

How does it feel to have won this award, what is your first reaction?
After teaching a course it is easy to recall the things that didn’t go according to plan or could have been done better. Therefore, awards and appreciation always come as a much welcome surprise. I am extremely happy to be awarded this, and I feel very humble before the task to live up to the standard it should expect of me.

What are your hobbies?
I teach four courses and have two little kids - I do not do hobbies :) I remember I liked painting, cooking and gardening before. Today, I really enjoy sleeping.

What inspires you?
The future.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
A lion. I was actually surprised by my own instinctive answer here. It feels like lions have a natural calm and control over their situation. I would like to have that.

Quotes from the students:
”Förstående och inlyssnande på studenters önskemål. Gjorde kurserna intressanta, relevanta och lärorika”

”Most definitely the best teacher so far, seems genuinely interested in what he does - which affects everybody in the room”

”With great passion in the field of marketing Erik Modig has been able to breach the gap between what we learn in the classroom and how marketing is practised professionally”

”Modig is an outstanding teacher! His lectures are full of innovation and variation and I’ve learnt so much in his courses. He truly makes learning easy and fun and always makes sure that the students understand the whole picture”

As the recipient of this award, Erik will receive 25000 SEK by the contribution of Nordea, as well as a certificate from The Education Committee to decorate his office.