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Data analytics initiative at the Stockholm School of Economics

Every day, we consume and generate data – in our business roles, private lives and in between. But why is this important? How will data, analytics and artificial intelligence shape the future? Understanding and working with data is key to how organizations, large and small, make and measure their impact, and data collected for scientific research is what allows us to progress.

The new Center for Data Analytics (CDA) at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) focuses on data analytics and, in particular, on big data analysis, prediction, causality, forecasting and uncertainty, and data quality. Such analysis is enabled by computer science and advanced statistical methods, including AI, machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

The range of applications is almost unlimited, since we can analyze data from finance, marketing and retail, as well as from micro and macroeconomics to extract information for decision making, predicting trends, patterns and consumer behaviors, and for stock portfolio analysis, etc.

“The new research center collaborates closely with Swedish industry, and the data analytics initiative represents part of SSE’s vision of acting as a global benchmark for industry collaboration. Essential to the initiative is how data analytics should be implemented and how the results should be communicated at managerial levels. The emphasis is on the operational, tactical, and strategic implications of the results,” says Rickard Sandberg, Head of the Center for Data Analytics.

“The center also continuously seeks out new collaborations and joint research projects with industry, and its access to firm-specific data offers unique possibilities and provides a stepping stone for high-level research,” says Rickard Sandberg.

The center participates in several research projects within SSE, including: Retail Big Data and Predictive Analysis – a project being run jointly with the Center for Retailing and focusing on understanding consumer behavior;  News Journalism in the Digital Era  - which is being run jointly with the Department of Marketing and Strategy and which analyzes digital news consumption; and aspects of Organizational and strategic implications of data analytics in both teaching and research – which are being studied together with the House of Innovation.

The center will arrange seminars, workshops and other data analytics events on an ongoing basis.


If you have any questions about the CDA, its research, collaborations or events, please contact:

Rickard Sandberg, Head of the Center for Data Analytics



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