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Workshop with Systembolaget: Strengthening the Application Måttfull

Systembolaget Retail Club had a workshop including analyzing of a newly launched online platform and suggesting points of improvement.

Before the workshop, students were asked to track their alcohol consumption using the app, and briefly reflect on its user-friendliness and purpose. The workshop began with an introduction about the purpose of Måttfull, which is, to inform about the harm of alcohol consumption by offering a way to monitor alcohol consumption and reminding the user to keep the drinking moderate/less harmful.

After discussions, students held presentations about their findings. These included increasing personalization, e.g., offering possibilities to set goals for the alcohol consumption and inform about personalized health effects. Additionally, suggestions from the group regarded highlighting consequences of consumption from a monetary perspective. Further, the students emphasized the importance of providing weekly and monthly graphs, and integrating the application with other channels. The workshop ended with discussing the target group for the application, as well as possibilities to include more social interactions in the app (e.g., discussion forums with personnel).

Thanks to Lill Bölte, Head of Sustainability & Stakeholder Development and Anna Raninen, Head of Alcohol Research at Systembolaget for hosting this very appreciated workshop.

Emma Winroth, Key Account Manager, Systembolaget´s Retail Club

CFR Health Retail Retail Club