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Workshop with Accenture on Case Solving

The students in Accenture Retail Club had a workshop with Accenture Strategy.

Gabriel Spetz, Strategy Consultant, hosted a workshop on Case solving together with his colleagues at Accenture Strategy. The workshop started with an introduction to Accenture Strategy, which proceeded with a presentation on the solving process for a case. The students were able to gain insights to important steps in the case solving process and received advice on how to prepare for them.

In the following part, the students were divided into groups of three accompanied with one Accenture representative, where they were asked to solve a case that focused on sustainability. They had to use both quantitative and qualitative reasoning. The students got immediate insights and learning points that will help them to succeed at solving cases in upcoming recruitment processes.

Diana Yanesová, Key Account Manager, Accenture’s Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club