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Workshop on new products at systembolaget.se

Systembolaget's Retail Club had a workshop which included analyzing how new products are managed at the website and suggesting points of improvement.

Before the workshop, Systembolaget shared data and knowledge about their customers, customer satisfaction, and their behavior online. The students were asked to use this information while analyzing how new products are being presented on the website, both in terms of findability, inspiration, and depth of information.

The workshop included group presentations, and a vast majority of the group pointed to the benefits of making the information less complex and increase the salience of the products by presenting the assortment in a more inspirational and complementary way, catering to the hedonic nature of the group who appreciates news at the website. After the presentations, the group had joint discussions with employees at Systembolaget about themes such as the difference between personalization and relevance and changing the online offering depending on the level of beverage knowledge.

The workshop concluded that the website would gain from more customer interaction and inspiration, by using insights derived from conversations with customers, eg., in the offline channels.

Thanks to Anna Bladström, Retail Concept Manager at Systembolaget, and her colleagues for hosting this workshop and for responding to all of our questions.

Emma Winroth, Key Account Manager, Systembolage's Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club