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Vision with Systembolaget

Systembolaget's Retail Club had a digital workshop about the importance of a vision within a company and presentations on if and how Systembolaget should change their vision to better engage society.

Elsa Järbur, Junior Strategist at Systembolaget, and Jonas Grönstedt, Head of Strategy at Systembolaget, held a presentation about Systembolaget and the importance of engaging customers in the vision statements in a company.

Students were then tasked to answer two questions;
● What makes companies succeed in engaging their customers in their vision?
● Is there anything in our vision that needs to change in order to better engage our customers?

Some suggestions presented by the students were to highlight an emotional aspect, telling a story behind the message, and include alcohol-free drinks in the vision in order to normalize non-alcoholic drinks.

Maya Hariz, Key Account Manager, Systembolaget's Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club