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Theme Lecture by ICA

Katarina Aspenberg, Senior IT Sourcing and Vendor Manager at ICA Sverige, held a theme lecture providing the students with further context on ICA’s operations regarding IT and the digitalization of their current offering.

The students were (re)acquainted with the current ICA Business & Revenue Model as well as ICA’s overall vision and direction regarding the digitalization aspect of their services. This included a brief glimpse at ICA’s current work, including their initiatives and partnerships with other companies in their overall effort towards achieving their goal.

At the end of the presentation, the students that participated in the theme lecture asked questions regarding the presentation. The questions covered a broad spectra of different areas ICA needs to consider regarding their digitalization prospect such as the development of their omnichannel offering, their current work with logistics, sustainability and overall coordination between ICA’s independent retailers (a natural result, attributed to ICA’s unique business model and high level of complexity).

Vasileios Dimopoulos, Key Account Manager, ICA’s Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club

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