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Marketing and Branding at Clas Ohlson

The students in Clas Ohlson Retail Club participated in a workshop focused on marketing and branding.

The workshop was held by Maria Thuleberg, HR Business Support and Strategy Lead, and Kine Dreyer, Group Brand Manager at Clas Ohlson located in Norway. The workshop started with Kine introducing Clas Ohlson as a company, followed by a brief presentation of their history and how it has played a considerable role in Clas Ohlson's rebranding. Furthermore, as the workshop took place at Clas Ohlson's lab store, the students got a guided tour around the store before the challenges were presented.

One of the challenges that were discussed during the session was how Clas Ohlson could reach the younger segment within the market (30>). A suggestion that was shared between many of the students, was that Clas Ohlson should be more present where their younger segment is. For instance, by collaborating with influencers or creating short videos on instagram where Clas Ohlson's products are being used. Moreover, the students agreed that Clas Ohlson's offering is likeable and valued by many people in the younger segment, but often forgotten, as it is not communicated well enough to be recognized.

Another challenge that was discussed during the workshop was sustainability. Regarding this area, Kine Dreyer explained Clas Ohlson's main goal to be climate-neutral over the entire value chain and throughout the entire product lifecycle by the year 2045. However, as this is far away in time, they wanted to know what the students perceived as the key area to focus on in the nearest future. As for this question, the students suggested that the main goal could be divided into smaller subgoals, in order for Clas Ohlson to measure their performance more easily. Further the students discussed the importance of transparency, both in order to receive feedback from customers about their work, and thus improve further, but also to increase the trust between Clas Ohlson and their customers.

Sandra Jansson and Linn Widjeskog, Key Account Managers, Clas Ohlson's Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club

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