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Course book lottery winners

The winners are announced shortly after each library introduction.

During the library introductions and the Academic Fair for new Bachelor students we give away one copy of "Statistics for Business and Economics" by Paul Newbold per group. Retailing students can win the book "Marketing" by Paul Baines, Chris Fill and Sara Rosengren.

The winners are:

23/8 Academic Fair

Liv Nyström

26/8 Group 5

Erik Jondal

27/8 Group 7

Robert Lilja

27/8 Group 1

Klara Skånhagen

27/8 Group 8

Celie Holmgren

28/8 Group 10

Olivia Halling

29/8 Group 9

Max Thorwalls

30/8 Group Retail

Lisa Fahlgren

Alma Stridh

2/9 Group 6

Vilma Pettersson

2/9 Group 2

Nils Mårding

3/9 Group 4

Ebba Petersson

3/9 Group 3

Tilde Gradén