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Welcome cohort #5!

We welcome our 5th cohort to the KAB-IFP family! Putri from Indonesia & Hanh from Viet Nam have just started their studies in the Business & Management program.

Just a month ago, I was still in my room in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, wearing a H&M t-shirt in a hot summer day, sitting on an IKEA chair, and listening to a podcast on Spotify. Today, I’m also wearing an H&M t-shirt, sitting on an IKEA chair, listening to Spotify, but I’m now in the home country of all these products.

The distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Stockholm is 9,000 km, 16 hours of fly, and about 25 degrees Celsius different. From a hustle and bustle city in Asia, to the country of “lagom” and minimalism, how surprisingly the lives in 2 apart cities sound so similar! But, if the world is already so “flat”, global brands are extending their presence to almost every corner of the Earth, and your daily life are fulfilled with the most innovative products no matter where you are, then what’s the point of travelling that far for a study?

My childhood dream is to save the world. Luckily, I don’t need to have superpower to save the world anymore. The modern superheroes don’t wear cape, sometimes they put on loungewear and sit in front of a laptop. I’m thrilled by the thought of me creating a world-changing idea from my small screen, like the way Swedish companies succeeded: transform our life with innovative and sustainable ideas.

I’m on my way realizing my dream, and I’m grateful that KAB-IFP and SSE are a part of my journey. It’s such a great start for the next 2 years: to be a part of the KAB family, and to be at SSE, where I’ve met new people from all around the world, listened to inspiring stories, and learnt from brilliant minds.

PS: One thing I heard a lot during my first month was “Embrace yourself for winter. Treasure the summer”. So here are some beautiful summer photos to remember.

--Hanh Lai (Hanna)


Hej! Jag heter Putri och jag kommer ifrån Indonesien.

It has been a month since I hear Swedish every day, breathe fresh Stockholm air, and see kannelbulle (cinnamon bun) in every corner of the city - thanks to KAB-IFP who supports my study in the Master of Business and Management Programme at Stockholm School of Economics. It still feels surreal considering I have spent the past three years identifying my future professional aspiration, Digital Product and Service Innovation Expert, and now here I am, (hopefully) being one step closer to achieve that.

Having my bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from an Indonesian technology institute and working experience in Indonesian start-ups, I am excited to share what I know about business landscapes and cultures there. I perceive that there are a lot of differences between innovating in Indonesia and Sweden. For example, Indonesian are tend to be cost-conscious and communal while Swedish consumers are value-driven and individual. I believe SSE and KAB-IFP, with their supportive environment, encourage skill and knowledge exchanges between the fellows, professors, and professionals.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to my new journey, new network, and new perspective. Finger crossed for me and Hanna!