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3rd Cohort Farewell

3rd Cohort Farewell - an update from Hardwi & Maja

2 years really went by in a flash! It still feels like I have just arrived in Stockholm and starting my first classes at SSE, yet here I am in literally the final month of my studies. Perhaps that is a testament to the amount of fun that I’ve had - or the sizable workload - that seems to make me lose track of time here. Nevertheless, this past 2 years has been an extraordinary journey for me. I have learned tremendously from both the teachers and classmates during my studies, I have met amazing people within Stockholm’s renowned tech space to further boost my network, and I have immersed myself within the beautiful and charming offerings of Sweden’s nature - which includes swimming in the freezing lakes and detoxing inside wooden saunas. All of these invaluable experiences would not be possible without the support of the KAB Foundation, and so I just want to say thank you once again for enriching the last 2 years of my life. It was a journey that I will hold dearly throughout my lifetime, and I feel immensely privileged to be in the KAB family forever.

- Hardwi Pinandityo



Back in Sweden since five months and when we only have two weeks remaining of the MSc program, it had me reflecting back on the past year. It has truly been a roller coaster with the outbreak of COVID-19 happening in February in Singapore, just in the beginning of my and Gustav’s year at NUS. However, it was a chance to explore Singapore in depth instead! We all have got our own experience from the pandemic and our own ‘survival plans’ to get through it. Singapore and NUS respectively acted very agile, and you truly felt safe in the measurements put in place.

I stayed in Singapore during the entire year and, in parallel with studies, I worked for Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Sports Business Group. It was a very fruitful time at Deloitte, were I, among many things, got the opportunity to work with the multi-years’ strategies of some National Sports Associations in Singapore. It was a great opportunity that provided a better understanding of the local business community and corporate culture in Singapore, and since I earlier only had experience from the Swedish Business community in Singapore from my year at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

Furthermore, I’m really grateful for the combination of SSE and NUS as they have slightly different study plans where I found the combination very fruitful and complemented each other very well! I had many interesting classes, some great professors and got to know friends for life who are all over the world today.

Finally, the temperatures are increasing in Sweden, but unfortunately that also means an end to this fantastic program that I have been so fortunate to take part of thanks to KAB. The master thesis is just handed in and time to move on to new adventures, and also become a proud alumni of Karl-Adam Bonnier’s International Fellowship program!

Take care and stay safe everyone!

- Maja Ohlsson


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