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Back in Sweden (Josefina cohort 2017-2019)

Hello! A couple of months have passed since my last update and I am now back in Stockholm.

So far, it’s been great meeting my family and friends again, especially my classmates at SSE who I have missed a lot. However, it’s also taken some time to get used to being home. People often speak of the difficulty of arriving in a new country and adapting to a new setting, but for me it has also been challenging to come back home. After a year of almost weekly presentations at university and travelling to a new country almost every month, it’s very different to come back to the (sometimes) quite isolated life of writing a thesis and staying in one city for a long time. 

SSE Master in Management Class, 2017-2019

There are definitely some benefits too though! I am writing my thesis together with the wonderful Märta (also a KAB fellow) and we have found a topic that we are both very passionate about. After our year in Singapore, we quickly decided that we wanted to write a thesis that somehow captures the knowledge we have gained of this market, whilst also taking into consideration our personal interests in entrepreneurship and innovation. Therefore, we are now doing a comparative study, between the innovation hubs of Stockholm and Singapore, interviewing incubator members in both regions about their plans for new venture growth and expansion. We want to analyse how the entrepreneurs are influenced, both by their social networks and their environmental setting, and see if there are any differences aswell as similarities between the two regions. So far, we have really gathered some interesting insights, and writing a thesis really is a great way to reflect and learn from the experiences we have gotten from these two years. 

Märta and I think thesis fikas are important!

With that said, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about SSE, NUS or the thesis for that matter. I hope you have a great day!

Warm regards,

Josefina (cohort 2017-2019)


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