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Second year and last semester at NUS

I can’t believe half of the second semester of my last year at NUS is soon finished. The coming weeks are now going to be tough – with group project submissions in all of the five courses I’m taking, presentations and several essays.

One of the things I really like about NUS is how the courses tend to stay updated with technology and innovation outside the academia. In one of my courses, we are using concept and frameworks to develop our own blockchain business idea.

We have a extremely competent and knowledgeable professor in this class and the different groups in our class all have very interesting ideas for how they can utilize the blockchain technology to develop new and innovative business models.

My business idea is about how blockchain technology can help different kinds of labelling, primarily eco-labelling, to let consumers scan a QR-code next to the label and be able to track the entire supply chain: all the ingredients and the entire manufacturing and transportation processes. This would create trustworthiness in an industry that is battling with low trust towards some eco-labelling.

When I’m not developing blockchain business ideas or writing essays, I try to find time to explore Singapore and spend time with my friends here. Recently I was also asked to moderate an event at NUS arranged by The Masters Club and CEMS-club. The event was called “The Innovation Dialogue” and they had invited eight entrepreneurs that all had innovative business ideas. It was very fun to moderate the debate and hear their answers and reflections on topics such as how their industries are developing, challenges right now and in the future and how they drive innovation in their organisations.


Now I’m going to enjoy my last weeks here in Singapore, before I’m going back to Sweden and SSE. Can’t believe that after this semester there’s only one semester left - during which I’m going to write my master thesis! /Märta (KAB Fellow 2017-2019)


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