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Studies in Singapore coming to an end (Märta, cohort 2017-2019)

The semester is really rushing by so fast! Can’t believe that one year in Singapore soon almost has past.

I am bringing with me so much knowledge, insight but foremost fantastic friends from all over the world. 

Studying at NUS is really challenging at times. Each semester we all choose five courses per student, so the entire class is spread out in different modules. Since we have group projects in every class, this becomes a challenge because everyone is on different schedules and have different classes. 

I felt better at managing these issues this semester compared to last one. It feels really sad leaving NUS since I really enjoyed studying here. Some of my favorite classes has been in workplace and corporate deviance, because of the teacher's ability to constantly stimulate discussion in class, but also Consumer Culture Theory for offering different and interpretative views on consumer behavior. Another favorite class has been in managing change, mostly because of the professor and his knowledge. This class was actually an MBA module and it was really interesting hearing my classmates' experiences specifically in this module. So glad I got the chance to take it! 

All together I am really satisfied with the content from all the courses and what I learnt in them. This year in Singapore has really contributed with important insights for me both career wise and privately. I now look forward to one last semester at SSE. See you there next time!

 Warm regards from Märta (Cohort 2017-2019)


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