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Claire Ingram Bogusz awarded prestigious Wallander scholarship

Dr Claire Ingram Bogusz, a post-doctoral researcher at the House of Innovation, last week was awarded the prestigious Wallander scholarship by The Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius foundation

Her previous research, including her PhD thesis “Crowds, Coins and Communities: Digital Entrepreneuring in Emerging Financial Infrastructures”, examined the value creation through digital entrepreneurship, notably through crowdfunding and using the Blockchain.

She plans to use the 3 years offered by a Wallander scholarship to build on research within these core areas of digital innovation and digital entrepreneurship, specifically how code-based digital innovation—from the creation of new digital-only firms and new digital business models in existing firms, to broader digital transformations in societies—affects value creation. This research agenda will follow the current wave of digitalisation we are seeing in firms, as it happens.

House of Innovation