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Andreea Enache, Carlo Giannnini Post-Doctoral Fellow at Bocconi University-IGIER

 Date: February 2

 Start time: 10.15

 End time: 11.45

 Location: Economics conference room 730, SSE, Bertil Ohlins Gata 4, 7th fl.

Bio: Andreea Enache is a Carlo Giannini Postdoctoral Fellow at Bocconi University-IGIER in Milan. She obtained her PhD in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics from the Paris School of Economics under the joint supervision of David Martimort (Paris School of Economics) and Jean-Pierre Florens (Toulouse School of Economics). Her PhD thesis, titled "Structural Econometrics of Games of Incomplete Information and Nonlinear Inverse Problems", was awarded the Agguire-Basualdo PhD Thesis Prize by the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris.

Job Market Paper: “Quantile Analysis of "Hazard-Rate" Game Models”, joint with Jean-Pierre Florens (Toulouse School of Economics).

Abstract: This paper consists of an econometric analysis of a broad class of games of incomplete information. In these games, a player's action depends both on her unobservable characteristic (the private information), as well as on the ratio of the distribution of the unobservable characteristic and its density function (which we call the "hazard-rate"). The goal is to use data on players' actions to recover the distribution of private information. We show that the structural parameter (the distribution of the unobservable characteristic) can be related to the reduced form parameter (the distribution of the data) through a quantile relation that avoids the inversion of the players' strategy function. We estimate non-parametrically the density of the unobserved variables and we show that this is the solution of a well-posed inverse problem. Moreover, we prove that the density of the private information is estimated at a root-n speed of convergence. Our results have several policy applications, including better design of auctions and public good contracts.

 The paper can be downloaded here https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxhbmRyZWVhZWNvbm9taWNzfGd4OjYzNmY2ZjhmY2YxZGY5OGQ

To find out more about Andreea Enache, visit her website https://sites.google.com/site/andreeaeconomics/