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Dec 4. Seminar with Professor Robert Fildes

This week we are very pleased to have Professor Robert Fildes from Lancaster University’s Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting, with us at the center.

Seminar with Professor Robert Fildes, Lancaster University: “Overview of Retail Forecasting”

Date: December 4

Time: 12.30 - 13.30

Room: Johan

Abstract of the presentation: ”The retail industry in developed countries forms a major component of economic activity. It is rapidly changing, in part through developments in on-line retailers. Based on a literature review and survey evidence this introduction will review the limited research on different aspects of retail forecasting, in particular the different problems that must be faced: these include the volume of category, brand and SKU-level sales at distribution centre and store as well as volume of store sales by location. Promotional events and on-line behaviour are important influences affecting demand and lead directly onto price/ promotion optimization possibilities.  Such different types of problem have seen surprisingly little research focused on operational problems retailers face. This presentation aims to identify the gaps, present the evidence on effectiveness and act as a stimulant to researching these important problems where small improvements in accuracy can have major financial benefits.”