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Are in-kind settlements in US environmental cases effectively promoting justice?

29 August 2023
This new Academic Insight takes an in-depth look at public perception on in-kind settlements, guiding future use of them in addressing environmental justice issues.

Misum affiliated researcher Abhijeet Singh featured in The Economist

14 August 2023
Earlier this summer, Misum research affiliate Abhijeet Singh was featured in The Economist for his study on international school-year productivity and learning outcomes

Marieke Bos and Mattia Bianchi join Misum as research platform directors

29 June 2023
Misum is thrilled to welcome two new platform directors; Prof. Mattia Bianchi to the Sustainable Business Development through Entrepreneurship and Innovation platform and Marieke Bos to the Sustainable Finance Initiative.

Interview with Misum Executive Director, Prof. Martina Björkman Nyqvist

19 June 2023
Misum Executive Director, Prof. Martina Björkman Nyqvist, was recently interviewed by Mistra, The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research.

Can environmental policy encourage investment in research and development?

14 June 2023
Policies that support cleaner production technologies can lower climate change risks and environmental problems without hurting the economy in the long run. However, there is limited evidence on how these policies motivate companies to invest in these technologies. This Misum Academic Insight examines how taxes on emissions affect technology spending in highly polluting companies.

SITE researchers receives SEK 2 million grant for research on climate change beliefs

14 June 2023
Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation and Tore Browaldh Foundation recognize the research in unraveling the impact of labor-market, media narratives, and personal traits on climate change perspectives.

How effective are carbon taxes in helping fight climate change?

01 June 2023
Carbon pricing is widely viewed as the most efficient method for achieving emission reductions, but there is limited evidence demonstrating the actual impact of current carbon taxes or markets. In this new Academic Insight, Misum Postdoc Fellow Marion Leroutier looks at the case study of a carbon tax – the Carbon Price Support (CPS) on UK power emissions.

Highlights and useful resources from “The Economics of Biodiversity”

12 May 2023
In May 2023, Misum together with the Beijer Institute and the British Embassy hosted a high-level event at the Stockholm School of Economics on recent developments in integrating biodiversity into business education and economic thinking.

Sustainability research highlights and stakeholder collaborations in the Misum Annual Report

03 April 2023
The Misum Annual Report is out now with examples of sustainability research projects led by Misum affiliated researchers, often in collaboration with various stakeholders, as well as key moments from the 2022 outreach calendar.

Transgender inclusion in the workplace: Building equitable and safe spaces

31 March 2023
Employers carry a great responsibility towards ensuring a safe and inclusive work environment for transgender persons. A new policy report by Misum affiliated researcher Enrico Fontana marks this year’s International Transgender Day of Visibility by discussing social and workplace challenges faced by the hijra ‘third gender’ community in Bangladesh, and opportunities for employers to create transgender inclusive workplaces.