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Does one size fit all?

30 September 2019
The new retail landscape offers a myriad of channels and touch points to interact with shoppers. A common belief is that integration across interactions is preferable in all situations. However, according to Angelica Blom at the Center for Retailing, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Aging population lower real interest rates

23 September 2019
Aging can lead real interest rates to be permanently and significantly lower in the future and structural change guided by technological progress leads the hourly wage in the goods sector to grow more than in the service sector. This is shown by Andrea Papetti, researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics and economist at the European Central Bank.

Men and women seek advice and retaliation to varying extent

24 May 2019
On May 24, 2019 – 100 years to the day after women in Sweden received the right to vote – the first-ever thesis defense in Economics, with only women on stage, is being held at SSE. Emma Heikensten, researcher in Economics, defends her thesis “Motivation and Gender: Experimental studies on Goals, Awards, Advice and Retaliation”.

High tech and cellphones in brick-and-mortar stores make shoppers buy more

09 April 2019
Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are becoming increasingly digitalized, with digital displays, scent machines, sound showers, and cellphones frequently used as marketing elements in the store. In his doctoral dissertation “How Technology is Evolving In-Store Shopping Behaviors”, Carl-Philip Ahlbom, a researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics, explores how technologies affect how much shoppers spend.

“Producing Consumers: Agencing and Concerning Consumers to Do Green in Everyday Food Practices”

13 March 2017
Welcome to Ingrid Stigzelius´ dissertation defence on March 31 at 1.15 pm. Ingrid will defend her Ph.D dissertation entitled “Producing Consumers: Agencing and Concerning Consumers to Do Green in Everyday Food Practices” in room KAW.

Direktkontakt med bolag skapar bäst avkastning för aktivt förvaltade fonder

24 October 2016
Aktivt förvaltade fonder skapar mervärde genom att införskaffa information direkt från företagsledningen, visar Emelie Fröberg vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm i sin doktorsavhandling.

Celebration of science, knowledge and human achievement in the City Hall of Stockholm

24 May 2016
Five professors, two honorary doctors, one jubilee doctor, 21 doctors and four winners of Peter Högfeldt Award were celebrated at SSE's Installation and Conferment Ceremony in the City Hall on Saturday, May 21.

An uncertain environment increases willingness to cooperate

27 November 2015
Cooperation increases in an environment where the risk of disasters and setbacks is substantial. With different levels and types of uncertainties surrounding a disaster, cooperation is higher in countries with different disaster risk exposures - Sweden, South Africa, and the Philippines. 

A strong relationship between entrepreneurship and well-being

09 October 2015
Entrepreneurship promotes well-being by satisfying an individual’s basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. This is one of several conclusions drawn in Nadav Shir’s research at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), where he studied the relationship between entrepreneurship and mental health.

Microloans become increasingly commercial

24 June 2015
The rationale for rating microfinance organizations has changed considerably since microloans were introduced as a way of combating poverty at the end of the 1990s. Today it increasingly embraces models common in the corporate world, Sofia Nilsson Altafi claims in her new thesis from the Stockholm School of Economics.
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