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Master student Quyen Nguyen awarded Global Swede 2020

For the tenth consecutive year the Global Swede Award ceremony was arranged by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Swedish Institute, SI. It was the first digitally arranged ceremony. Quyen Nguyen, currently a master student at the Business and Management program of Stockholm School of Economics, was one of 19 students to be awarded.

All students are international and have distinguished themselves in areas connected to innovation and entrepreneurship, and have been good ambassadors for both Sweden and their respective home countries. Anna Hallberg, Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs comments the award:

"Global Swede is our way of thanking a number of excellent students for choosing Sweden, and at the same time welcoming them to our global alumni network. It is a challenging time these days to graduate in, but with their experiences from Sweden I am certain that they will contribute in building bridges between Sweden and the rest of the world."

"Challenging yet rewarding"

Although the studies at SSE are both demanding and intellectually challenging, they also help enhancing the ability to think critically and deal with pressure.

"The heavy workload in fact bonds students together in an amazing collaboration that I have rarely experienced during my academic life, " says Quyen Nguyen. "The class vibe was awesome; we were surrounded by smart, reflective, and supportive people. I have made great life-long friendships and I think that’s the best reward for my time at SSE."

Quyen Nguyen comes from Vietnam and is a very energetic, engaging and communicative student genuinely interested in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship and aspiring to be an entrepreneur in tech. Her excellent academic performance, as well as her engagement in the program, community, and business makes her a great Global Swede. Quyen has been a great ambassador for SSE and education in Sweden.

Furthermore Quyen Nguyen has been active on social media and as an ambassador for the school and Sweden ever since the starting of the Master. She writes blog posts for the Karl Adam Bonnier International Fellows Program, is very active on Unibuddy, was the Student Venture Ambassador of SSE Business Lab in her first year and helped with organizing startup events.

Swedish values changing mindset and lifestyle

Out of many things, Quyen Nguyen appreciates the fact that studying in Sweden has changed her mindset and lifestyle in a way she never anticipated before. She is truly impressed by the Swedish values: innovation, sustainability, and equality.

"I can see these values embedded in almost all the aspects of Swedish society, in academia, business, as well as everyday life," says Quyen Nguyen. "I have embraced them myself and really see how my thinking is different after only two years in Sweden."

Changing her mindset was one of Quyens goals coming to Sweden for a higher education. She believes the exposure to a different culture is very valuable for one to become more open-minded and compassionate to things and people around. She is very happy that the time so far in Sweden has enriched her life experience and facilitated personal growth at the max level. 

About Global Swede

The Global Swede Award is a part of the Swedish government's and Swedish Institute's work in building longterm relationship with international students in Sweden. The award is given to international (non EU/EEA) students who are considered to be good ambassadors for their higher education institution and for Sweden, and who have distinguished themselves through creativity, entrepreneurship or innovation in their academic disciplines. The intention is to motivate and encourage these students to maintain their relationship with Sweden and their respective universities after completing their studies, encouraging them to act as ambassadors for Sweden as a destination for higher education.

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