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Webinar | The early lessons from Sweden's different approach to COVID-19

The LSE Institute of Global Affairs at the School of Public Policy in collaboration with SITE at the Stockholm School of Economics cordially invites you to a virtual public event.

SITE and the FREE network has started a project on tracking health indicators and government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a further step of facilitating international analysis and discussion around the pandemic, we are happy to invite you to a discussion of the Swedish experience organized in collaboration with LSE Institute of Global Affairs at the School of Public Policy.

The Swedish Exceptions: Early Lessons from Sweden's different approach to COVID-19

Sweden has been pursuing a different approach to suppressing the epidemic curve, relying mainly on voluntary measures and keeping more of the economy open. The main theory has been that the population would respond to advice from the government because of the strong level of trust in Swedish society - the citizens' trust in government institutions, the government's trust in the citizens, and the trust among citizens. Also, aspects less so. The result so far points to a high death toll compared to other Nordic countries which have taken tougher measures, though the jury is still out on the long-term outcome. The panel will draw early lessons from Sweden's different approach to COVID-19 that could be relevant for emerging economies and developing countries that, for one reason or another, cannot afford massive lockdown.


Chair: Erik Berglöf, Director, Institute of Global Affairs, LSE School of Public Policy

Date: Wednesday, 22nd, April, 2020
Time: 15:30-17:00 (BST) / 16:30-18:00 (CET)

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