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Misum seminar: Building Shared Value for Social Inclusion

Welcome to a seminar on shared value and social inclusion on April 8 at Stockholm School of Economics, room Stora salen (Please note the change of venue). We will discuss business opportunities in meeting social needs in segregated areas in the Swedish society. By adopting new business models companies can contribute to inclusion, in line with shared value thinking.

The interest in this seminar has been big, so we had to close the registration while looking for a larger venue.
Please note the change of venue (to Stora salen, Holländargatan 32) and welcome to register via this link.

Examples from Skandia and Skanska will be discussed, an international outlook will be made and all participants are welcome to engage in the discussion.

Participants are

Lena Hök, Senior Vice president and Head of sustainability  

Bo Jansson, Head of Retail Shopping Centers and Residential, Skandia Real Estate 

Kim Waller, Fryshuset

Marc Pfitzer, Managing Director FSG, the global Shared Value think tank and consulting firm

Susanne Sweet, Ingrid Stigzelius and Tommy Borglund, researchers in the Shared Value project, a joint research project at Misum SSE and The Center for Sustainable Business at Örebro University


April 8, 15-17, Stora salen, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, Holländargatan 32. 

There will be a small mingle with drinks after the seminar,

Sign up here, before April 1.

The Shared Value project

The Shared Value Project at Misum is based on the established concept of shared value (Porter & Kramer, 2006). International research has shown that companies that are committed to improving local communities in the long run also benefit economically, and shared value is precisely about the combination of business and social benefits. How can companies see social problems as an arena for development and innovation? How can companies help solve social problems with their products and their way of working? The project studies the real estate industry and partnerships for social sustainability in particularly vulnerable areas with a focus on Frölunda torg in Gothenburg and Vivalla in Örebro. The research project is done in collaboration with Skandia and Skanska and is led by the researchers Susanne Sweet and Ingrid Stigzelius from SSE and Tommy Borglund from Örebro universitet.

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