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Can finance do good? Lecture on impact investing

Harvard Professor Bob Eccles and Clara Barby, CEO of IMP - The Impact Management Project - will do a lecture on Impact Investing in the assebly hall of SSE on Jan 30 from 15 to 17.

How can private investments address global challenges? The term “impact investing” traditionally describes the activities of assessing, measuring and managing investments on the basis of theirfinancial, social and environmental performance. In short it is about making money while also making a difference.

The Impact Management Project (IMP) is addressing this issue by facilitating a structured network of organizations who are coordinating impact measurement principles and disclosure standards to be used by companies and investors. The IMP has collaborated with over 2,000 practitioners to agree on widely-shared norms for impact measurement and management.

Come and listen to Clara Barby, CEO of IMP and Harvard Professor Bob Eccles talk about Impact Investment in general as well as methods and organization for establishing “transformational project” as the IMP.


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