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Powered by SSE – from organic waste to car fuel

Stockholm is a world leader in powering buses and taxis with biogas, a fuel produced from garbage. Misum together with SSE recycling initiative invite you to a lunch seminar with Jan Rapp, founder of the Biogas Academy. He tells us about the smart grid that makes every banana peel count. May 18, 12.15 – 13.00, Room Torsten, Stockholm School of Economics, Sveavägen 65. Small lunch will be provided.

 Did you know that what remains on the plates at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm´s City hall is turned into the world´s smartest car fuel? Or that Stockholm has the world´s largest fleet of city buses powered by … poop?

Neither did Jan Rapp, ten years ago. Since then Jan is devoting parts of his working week to speeding up the global shift towards smarter energy production based on the Stockholm model of turning waste into fuel. 

Misum and SSE recycling initiative invite you to a lunch seminar on the Swedish model of organic waste recycling and biogas production with Jan Rapp, MD and founder of the Biogas Academy. Small lunch will be provided. 

The Biogas Academy assisted companies such as SKANSKA and BillerudKorsnäs headquarters in connecting to the smart grid and is currently supporting SSE with introducing organic waste recycling. 

The system for organic recycling that Jan introduced at the hospital where he works is now being used by all Stockholm Hospitals. His concepts for making this smart urban energy more visible and well known – for example in collaboration with restaurants and hotels – are gaining interest from other European countries and the US.

Jan´s work with the Biogas Academy has resulted in awards like Stockholmian of the Month and Swedish Environmental Hero of the Year. Recently, the Bioga Academy handed out a “Global Game Changer Award” to a biogas project in New York City.

Please register for lunch by sending an e-mail to celine.steiner@hhs.se by Wednesday, May 16.

More info about BiogasAcademy.


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