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Integrating ESG into quarterly earnings calls: Findings from a Swedish experiment

Firms increasingly integrate sustainability into corporate strategies and argue there is a business case for sustainability. In one of the prime conversation points with the stock market, the quarterly earnings call, this is however rarely manifested. Firms often say that the audience in the call, the analysts, are not interested and do not ask questions. Analysts, on the other hand, say that without firms providing more specific ESG information, they cannot integrate it into their valuation models. Welcome to this seminar on May 8, 16.00-17.30 Aulan, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, Sveavägen 65.

During the fall of 2017, three Swedish listed firms took on the challenge to be part of the research project “Action Lab: Integrated communication on Sustainability and Financial Performance”, funded by Vinnova. The firms committed to make an attempt to integrate ESG into their Q3 earnings call, while observed and interviewed by Misum researcher Dr. Hanna Setterberg.

On May 8 you are invited to listen to Hanna Setterberg, project manager and PhD, present the key learnings of this action research project, followed by a panel discussion with invited guests. What happened in the experiment? What are the challenges of integrating ESG and financial performance? Is the earnings call the right forum for ESG? How can ESG be communicated to the financial analysts?

Findings from the Action Lab: What we learned

Project manager Hanna Setterberg (PhD) presents the major takeaways from the research project   

Panel discussion:  Integrating ESG into the stock market conversation

Prof. Bob Eccles (Said Business School), Lena Hök (Skanska), Niklas Ekwall (AP4) and Kersti Strandqvist (Essity). Moderator: Dr. Hanna Setterberg  



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