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Misum Meets andreas rasche from cbs

Research seminar with Professor Andreas Rasche, Copenhagen Business School, about "Sustainability – what firms leave multi-stakeholder initiatives? An Analysis of Delistings from the UN Global Compact". Feb 2, 12-13.30, room Gunnar. Open for everyone! Welcome.

Professor Rasche is coming to Misum as a visiting professor, and will in the future engage staff on issues around research seminars, publication strategies and paper writing workshops, amongst other research-related things.

Please bring your own lunch!


What Firms Leave Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives? An Analysis of Delistings from the UN Global Compact

by Professor Andreas Rasche

Abstract: This study analyzes what firms leave global multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) for corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Based on an analysis of all active and delisted participants from the United Nations Global Compact between 2000 and 2015 (n= 15,853), we find (1) that SMEs are more likely to be delisted than larger and publicly-listed firms; (2) that early adopters face a higher risk of being delisted than late adopters; (3) that the existence of CSR reporting legislation only weakly explains delistings; and (4) that the mere existence of a local network in a country reduces the likelihood of being delisted. Based on these results, we outline three theoretical implications: that the expected cost/benefit ratio of participating in MSIs is contingent upon firm size; that MSIs seem to be subject to a participant self-selection bias over time; and that MSIs’ local networks seem to benefit from legitimacy spillover effects. We suggest policy recommendations for MSI in general and the UN Global Compact in particular.


Andreas Rasche is Professor of Business in Society at the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Co-Director of the CBS World-Class Research Environment on “Governing Responsible Business.” His research focuses on corporate responsibility standards (particularly the UN Global Compact), the political role of corporations in transnational governance, and the governance of global supply networks. He regularly contributes to international journals in his field of study and has lectured on corporate social and environmental responsibility at different institutions. He recently edited Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy, Communication, Governance (Cambridge University Press) and published Building the Responsible Enterprise (Stanford University Press). Andreas collaborated with the UN Global Compact in the context of different projects. He is Associate Editor of Business Ethics Quarterly. He joined Copenhagen Business School from Warwick Business School in August 2012. More information is available at: http://www.arasche.com

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