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Research webinar | Creating purpose in a purposeful world: exploring the value of agency in three films directed by David Lean

William Gartner, professor of family entrepreneurship at Babson College, will explore in this seminar value creation and appropriation during disputed contexts of change through three films directed by David Lean. This seminar is organised by House of Innovation, in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

This seminar offers three films directed by David Lean (The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, and Dr. Zhivago,) as “just so stories” about the nature of context when creating and appropriating value. These films ask: What is valuable? Who is value being created for? Is the value created “valuable” to those it is intended to be of value to? When value is created, who actually appropriates this value? And, more broadly, does agency matter? What is the value of having a purpose in the broader context of other purposes?

During the seminar, professor Gartner will play with William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience as one entry point into discussing the nature of purpose as it relates to agency and the intention to create value. It is not required that participants read this book as preparation for the seminar, but it is recommended to watch the three films (or at least one of the three) with the purpose of answering the aforementioned questions. This will enhance the participants' ability to contribute to the discussion.

These films or excerpts as specific illustrations of issues involved with value creation and appropriation will not be shown during the seminar. Consider watching these films as undertaking fieldwork that will be useful as a source of data for subsequent analysis and theory building during the seminar discussion. 


House of Innovation Seminar Webinar

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