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Higher Seminar in Statecraft and Strategic Communication | Martin Neuding Skoog

Intelligence Networks in Sweden 1521–1592

This seminar presents Neuding Skoog's three-year research project about intelligence networks in sixteenth-century Sweden. The study examines the role of intelligence in Sweden during the early Vasas – the organizing of spy networks, the identities of organizers and agents, the different types of intelligence obtained and the geographic extent of the networks. The study also makes a comparison with parallel organizations in England, Spain and Venice. The study puts a great emphasis on the role of non-state actors, and argues that the intelligence organization developed in response to the demands of foreign policy. The study applies a transnational approach in an attempt to integrate diplomatic, military and intelligence history. Archives in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Lübeck and Tallinn, will be consulted. The project will provide the first comprehensive and comparative study of intelligence networks in sixteenth century Sweden.

Dr Martin Neuding Skoog is assistant professor at the department of Military History at the Swedish Defence University. He studies early modern military history in general, with a specialization on the sixteenth century. Earlier studies comprise social and political change within the military organizations, the military market, Western-Russian relations, illicit arms trade, embargo and unconventional warfare. 

CSSC Governance Politics Seminar