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CAS Seminar on Asia, 30 November

"Chinese Energy Companies in Africa: Implications for the Foreign Policy of an Authoritarian Government" with Dr. Kasandra Behrndt-Eriksen, Adjunct lecturer at University of Copenhagen

Over the last decade, Chinese energy companies have engaged in the acquisition of oil and gas in Africa. In this seminar, Kasandra Behrndt-Eriksen will present her book Chinese Energy Companies in Africa. This book investigates the activities of Chinese energy companies throughout a number of African countries, including Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and Tunisia. Based on seven years of empirical research and hundreds of interviews with Chinese government and company representatives, Chinese Energy Companies in Africa breaks original ground in understanding the emergence of domestic interest groups in foreign policy. It examines the impact of non-state actors on Chinese foreign policy, and in particular the increasing role played by national oil companies (NOCs). Supported by extensive data, this is also the first publication of its kind to focus on the foreign policy behavior of an authoritarian state and the role herein played by non-state actors. In addition to the main cases put forward, a chapter of comparative mini-cases is included. This book creates important implications for both policymakers and scholars; it will serve as a valuable resource for those involved in the fields of foreign policy, international security and international relations.

Kasandra Behrndt-Eriksen, PhD, is adjunct lecturer at University of Copenhagen. Her research focuses on Chinese foreign and energy policy as well as the role of public opinion for foreign policy. Her book Chinese Energy Companies in Africa was published in 2020. She has fluency in Mandarin Chinese and has held Fellowships both at Harvard University, Beijing University and at Tsinghua University

Moderator: Dr. Patrik Ström, Director, European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm School of Economics and Co-Director, Center for Asian Studies, Stockholm School of Economics

Discussant: Dr. Åsa Malmström Rognes, Research Fellow, European Institute of Japanese Studies and Head of Asia Programme, Swedish Institute of International Affairs

  • Date and Time: Tuesday, November 30, 14:00-15:00 (CET)
  • Language: English
  • Location: Zoom (online)

Registration until November 29, 2021. Register for the seminar here.

Most Welcome!


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